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Photo of JCC preschoolers singing during their end-of-year performance in June 2018.

Just as the nation creates its own history, so, too, is it created by it.
     – Simon M. Dubnov

Dear Friends,

Photo of Steven Sisskind, JCC board president, and Marci Erlebacher, JCC executive director.By the time you read this letter, all 11 victims murdered on October 27 in the worst mass murder of Jews in this country will have been laid to rest. Within three days of the shooting, a community-wide vigil was held on the JCC’s front steps. Over three hundred community members attended. Words of support have been pouring into the JCC from our friends across the community.

Some of us who are older have experienced the ugly face of antisemitism while we were growing up. However, most of our children, fortunately, have not. Until now. Their world has been turned upside down and they are now filled with anxiety and fear for their own children. Now, it is more important than ever to have our institutions thriving.

This heinous act must not diminish our spirit or alter our mission in any way. In fact, if anything, our mission must be reinforced and made stronger than ever before. Our presence becomes even more essential to our community. This year it is not only about the services that we provide, it is about our presence and our need and right to exist.

We have been referred to as the Jewish community campus. It’s the place where all can gather no matter their affiliation. Yes, as you have heard us often say, we are the central address of the Jewish community. We are home to several other extremely important institutions in our community: The Syracuse Hebrew Day School, Jewish Federation of Central New York, Jewish Observer and Jewish Community Foundation of Central New York. We house the archives of the Jewish War Veterans. Our light must shine bright for all to see and recognize as representing the strength of our Jewish community.

We have many strengths and we are counted upon by many. We support hundreds of local working families with quality childcare and seniors with our kosher meal program. Hundreds of children each year experience our summer camps—one of the largest in Onondaga County.

During this time of year, the Jewish Community Center along with many other fine organizations bombard you with end-of-the-year letters. And, yes, a year ago I told you that we needed your support now more than ever. But in truth, we always need your support. If the JCC of Syracuse is to survive as a safe home for our community, then we will always need your support.

Your past contributions have enabled us to meet the needs of our members and neighbors. We once again look to your generosity as we seek to maintain our key place within the community. Please remember that when you give to the JCC you provide a gift that will last throughout the year.

Help us continue our long tradition of serving the diverse needs of our community. Your generous donation will positively impact many lives. Please make a tax-deductible contribution to the JCC today. The strength of our institutions is one of the best ways to fight bigotry, hatred and evil.


Marci Erlebacher
Executive Director

Steven Sisskind
Board President

P.S. For your convenience, please download and complete this form (PDF, 350 KB) to submit your tax-deductible JCC contribution today! Questions? Call us at 315-445-2360.