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Preschoolers get serious about fire safety

Preschoolers in the JCC of Syracuse’s Early Childhood Program get ready to explore the DeWitt Fire Department during their visit.

It’s never too early for kids to learn about fire safety and how to protect themselves. That’s exactly what children in the JCC of Syracuse’s Jerome and Phyllis Charney Early Childhood Development Program learned last month as part of Fire Prevention Week.

From left, DeWitt firefighter Aaron Sokol helps JCC preschool student Isaac Bloom down from a fire truck cab as his classmate Mya Burgmeier awaits her turn.Firefighters from the DeWitt Fire Department visited the JCC preschoolers and talked to them about fire and how to stay safe. The kids also visited the fire department and got an up-close look at the trucks and other firefighting equipment.

“The kids did a great job of learning and participating during our visit,” said Lieutenant Shawn Tompkins, DeWitt Fire Department. “We stick to one or two simple messages that are age specific, such as ‘stop, drop and roll,’ and keep it fun and lively.”

JCC preschool students get a close-up look at one of the DeWitt Fire Department trucks.Other topics the firefighters touched upon with the kids included smoke alarms, dangers of smoke and calling 911. “These fire department visits are always very popular with the kids,” said Jo David, the JCC’s Early Childhood Program director. “The children really learn a lot by asking questions, role playing and interacting with the firefighters.”

For more information about the JCC’s Early Childhood Development Program, call 315-445-2040, ext. 120.