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Neulander Family Sports & Fitness Center

Group Exercise Classes

Photo of Fitness members before a spinning class at the JCC.

We offer over 50 group exercise classes a week that are tailored to people of all ages and designed to meet a variety of fitness needs. See our class descriptions below. For class times, download our schedule at right or pick up a copy at the Fitness Center lobby. Check back often for updates!

Questions? Call the Fitness desk at 315-234-4522 or email Paula Pacini, group exercise coordinator, at


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All Fitness Levels | Mind and Body | Basic | Seniors


All Fitness Levels

Aqua Fitness
Look for this fun group exercise class to return the summer of 2020. Get ready to get moving as you workout in the water! The class is set to music and designed to improve overall cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. All ages are welcome.

Balance & Bone Density
This integrated balance training and bone density building class is designed to address fall reduction and prevention as well as build bone density and postural stability.

Ballroom Dance
Look for the Ballroom Dance class with Maria to return October 3, 2019. The cost is $5 per night for both JCC Fitness and non-Fitness members. Please check-in at the Fitness desk. Maria brings over 25 years of experience dancing and teaching dance locally.

Cardio Conditioning
This high-energy class offers all the benefits of a muscle sculpting class combined with different cardio techniques such as steps, BOSU ball and glides. Format will differ from class to class to offer the best fat- and calorie-burning workout in town.

Group Cycle
Designed by an Olympic mountain-biking coach, the Keiser M3 Plus bike brings the mountain-biking experience indoors to safely deliver a full-body workout. Unlike other cycling classes which just work the legs, this cutting-edge cycling class works the whole body.

Line Dancing
Get moving with line dancing—a fun way to exercise! Line dance to all varieties of music using a series of basic steps and patterns of all dance styles. Challenge yourself as the dances change direction and move around the room. Class is designed for beginners, those who want moderate exercise, and also for those who want a more intense workout.

Muscle Sculpting
Instructors use barbells, free weights, bands and balls to create the ultimate total body shaping class.

Step & Sculpt
A dynamic blend of step and cardiovascular activities along with intervals of strength movements help increase muscle tone and the body's metabolism. An overall power packed workout!

Tap Dance
Our fall session of Adult Tap with Barry on Tuesday evenings is winding down. Join our Tap Class email list to get the latest updates going forward!

TRX Suspension Training
Fee: NONE - Regular TRX group exercise classes are now FREE for JCC Fitness members! $15 per class for non-members.
TRX (total body resistance exercise) utilizes a band (two-handled nylon strap) to harness the power of gravity and movement for body weight exercises. The result is a mix of support and mobility to train strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, power and core stability across a wide range of resistance.

NEW! WERQ Dance Fitness
This wildly addictive cardio dance workout is based on the hottest dance music and can be modified for all levels. WERQ (pronounced work) is a dance term that means "own it." WERQ routines are a great blend of athletic moves and different styles of dance which invoke an attitude of confidence and empowerment.

A fusion of Latin and international music provides the backdrop for a blood pumping, effective cardiovascular workout for all ages. A variety of fast and slow rhythms help tone and sculpt the body while you learn easy-to-follow dance steps. Zumba Gold is the low-impact version for all levels.


Group exercise class at the JCC of Syracuse.
Mind and Body

A combination of ballet techniques with Pilates movements and principles offers an energizing workout that strengthens, stretches and tones the body.

Chair Yoga Fusion
A blend of both seated and standing gentle stretching. Includes light weights for bone density. Each class concludes with some quiet, reflective meditation time and breathing exercises.

NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action)
NIA is a blend of concepts, cultures, theories and movement from the east and west. It is a barefoot technique offering a fusion of movement styles. Experience the expressiveness of dance, the power of martial arts and the wisdom of the healing arts.

Based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, this class' multiple levels of participation uses bands, magic circles, stability balls and BOSUs. Mostly done on a mat, but some standing work is incorporated as well.

Tai Chi for Arthritis
Tai Chi is an ancient practice proven to improve mental and physical well being. Tai Chi for Arthritis uses gentle Sun-style Tai Chi movements to help reduce stress, improve breathing and develop balance, mobility and body awareness. All ability levels are welcome and you don't need to be diagnosed with arthritis to participate.

TaijiFit is not just an exercise—it's an experience! It's about making fitness more graceful and holistic through great music and great energy by combining the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi). TaijiFit is mindfulness in motion.

A hybrid style drawing from Vinyasa, Lyengar and Viniyoga that brings physical benefits by integrating body and mind performance. Bring a towel, water and we recommend that you bring your own Yoga mat.

This class is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates. See each description above for further details.


Chair & Balance Class
Exercises designed for a chair for those individuals who have difficulty getting down to the floor for mat work. Also some standing work for balance training.

Exercise Chair
Working on a push-pull pulley system, the exercise chair offers a total body workout while sitting. It is easy to use and helps increase flexibility, balance, endurance and strength. The chair can accommodate those with very limited mobility to those who can get around and are looking to tone and increase their upper body.


Senior Strength & Balance
Day:  Mondays
Fee:  Free – class is open to all seniors in the community

Day:  Wednesdays, Fridays
Fee:  Free for JCC of Syracuse Fitness members
$5 for non-fitness members
$10 for non-members

This class is designed to get senior adults moving. Set to big band and oldies music, participants will dance and execute chair exercises that are less strenuous on the body. It provides a low impact workout that will help improve participant's strength and balance.