Children & Teens

Camp Zeke!

You bring the fam, we bring the fun!

JFAM at Camp Zeke is an all-inclusive camp family weekend. Experienced camp staff provide activities for all ages, and you will enjoy three meals (plus snacks galore) a day surrounded by your family and new friends. Your family can relax and recharge all while enjoying the beautiful outdoor setting.

The Jewish Federation of Central New York is partnering with Camp Zeke to offer families with at least one child aged 8 and under an immersive Jewish family weekend at the camp June 23-25. The goal is to help families build ties with each other and the greater Jewish community.

Camp Zeke is located at 31 Barry Watson Way, Lakewood, PA 18439, about a two-hour drive from Central New York, straight down 81 South. The camp offers comfortable rooms including linen and towel service, air conditioning and central heating. All have private bathrooms with stall showers and can be set up in a combination of ways to accommodate family sizes.

Throughout the weekend, families participate in programs geared to toddlers, older kids and adults. There is boating and swimming in Camp Zeke’s heated pool and 60-acre spring-fed lake. Joyful musical services are held lakeside and fitness and strength training are offered in a full gym. There are nature walks, circus arts, theater games, lakeside campfires and more.

The cost for a family of four for the weekend is $250 and is all inclusive. Federation subsidizes all other costs. Twenty families with one child under the age of 8 are welcome to apply. Places are reserved for three families from each of our community’s synagogues with an additional eight slots open to all.

JFAM believes that every Jewish family belongs at camp and welcomes all family structures, families with members who do not identify as Jewish, families of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities and families with children and/or adults with disabilities.

To apply for Camp Zeke, please email [email protected] and include your name, address and the names and ages of people in your family. You must have one child under the age of 8 to be eligible. Please indicate If you are a member of a synagogue. (Please note: There will be no proselytization of any kind at the camp.)