End of Year Letter – 2022

November 4, 2022 Dear Friends, This year should be the year of coming together to heal both physically and mentally. A year to celebrate togetherness not distancing and above all a celebration of life. Yes, Covid is still the five-letter word that comes up way too often in our conversations, but we are moving forward and learning new ways to live and cope with it. We started this healing by holding our Annual Meeting and Gala in person for the first time in two years. While there was trepidation and caution by some, we filled the room. We came together after two years to finally honor some amazing community members; which was both exhilarating and heartwarming. Surviving a pandemic can be a very empowering experience. We find ourselves optimistic by the strong enrollments in our childcare departments. Some of the difficult restrictions we have had to deal with because of the pandemic have been lifted. Our Senior meal program is once again serving delicious kosher lunches in-person five days a week. Our Fitness Center is open and offering both virtual as well as in-person classes with an increase in attendance and yes, our membership is coming back. But, as always there are new challenges to face. Socializing children in a group setting has become much more difficult than ever before. The post Covid child has many more needs. The rising cost of supplies is staggering. Our food prices have skyrocketed. The shortage of finding qualified staff to work has been an extremely difficult hurdle. But despite these issues we can once again hear the sounds of children laughing in our halls which is our affirmation of life. Holding celebrations and events in-person helps us to fulfill our mission. Your JCC, the place where everyone belongs needs your support. Whether through your tax-deductible membership or donation, or frankly both, your generosity will allow us to continue being the “town square” of our community. We are the place for so many families, where their child was raised in our Early Childhood Development Program, then attends our after-school program and summer camp, holds their first job as a lifeguard or camp counselor, and now sends their own children to our programs, making their own memories! The cycle repeats and continues from generation to generation: L’dor Vador! Please help to perpetuate this lifecycle by supporting your JCC now and forever. Help us maintain our long tradition of serving the diverse needs of our community. You can be proud of how well we have adapted and be assured that your generous donation will positively impact many lives Sincerely, Marci Erlebacher Steven Sisskind Marci Erlebacher Steven Sisskind Executive Director Board President

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