By Carlett Spike

It’s always the right time to commit to health and fitness. At the JCC in addition to a variety of exercise classes offered at the Fitness Center, there are also personal trainers available to help individuals set and reach their goals. 

Full-time Trainer Will Masiclat is the first point of contact for new members as he facilitates orientations for the Fitness Center and sets individuals up with a personal trainer. Masiclat, who has been with the JCC since 2017 and was named personal trainer coordinator in 2022, specializes in TRX classes and works with clients in both the weight room and on the Pilates Reformer. Though his current availability for one-on-one training is limited, there are plenty of opportunities to work with him by taking one of his TRX classes. 

Whether a gym regular or a beginner, the fitness team is excited to work with any clients on their fitness journey. “We really focus on functionality and improving quality of life over purely aesthetic goals,” Masiclat said.

Learn more about the trainers at the JCC:

Eileen Cole teaches Pilates and has been working with the JCC for more than seven years. She brings a wealth of experience in physical therapy through her work with Veteran Affairs. Clients report feeling leaner, stronger, and taller after a period of taking Pilates, and they notice improved core strength and less pain, Cole said. “It’s a great workout,” she added. “I really believe in Pilates and I think it does a wealth of good for anybody.” 

Larry Baiz has been a personal trainer for more than 20 years and is open to working with anyone. A competitive natural bodybuilder since 1985 and winner of multiple ANBF Kings Cup Nationals Pro competitions, Baiz encourages clients to lift weights to strengthen their bodies and see results. “I will push you,” Baiz said. “My goal is to bring out your highest capabilities and potential.” In addition to training, Baiz can offer nutritional advice. 

Sue Lowitz has been a Pilates instructor since 2012 and she teaches Pilates classes at the JCC Monday-Wednesday. She also offers private and semi-private lessons using the Pilates Reformer which offers a full-body workout and challenges clients to focus on the mind-body connection. “Everybody wants to be flexible and more in tune with their bodies,” Lowitz said. “Pilates helps increase flexibility, it teaches you how to heal from an injury, and to listen to your body.” 

Joe Yager has been a personal trainer with the JCC for over 20 years. He’s trained a wide variety of clients over the years, from teens to seniors (his oldest client is 104!). Yager can fully customize the personal training experience for each client based on his or her needs — including tracking metrics and helping with nutrition. “I hold my clients accountable,” Yager said. Past clients have appreciated his ability to keep them on track so they achieve their goals, he added. 

Anne Hughes specializes in corrective exercises, which encompasses a handful of elements including stability, alignment, and muscle function. Hughes mostly works with clients who are 55 and older. “I like doing things step by step, seeing people progress and see improvements that make their lives better,” Hughes said. “That’s a big reward to me.” She’s been a trainer with the JCC for more than two years.

Personal and small group training options are available. Each trainer’s availability is flexible to meet client needs. For more information and to sign up for personal training at the JCC email [email protected]