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Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)

Early Childhood Development Program

Young children are full of wonder. Their curiosity and hunger for knowledge makes the early childhood years a crucial time for learning. It is important that children are provided with experiences that will foster self-confidence and build a solid foundation for future success.

The ECDP program offers children six weeks of age through pre-kindergarten a wide array of activities designed to invigorate their minds, encourage their love of learning, and satisfy their wondrous curiosity.

During these formative years it is essential to offer young children an arena in which to discover the world around them and participate in educational, yet fun, activities that will introduce them to the concepts of learning and team work. The highly qualified and encouraging staff at the ECDP program provides an atmosphere in which children come to recognize their needs as well as the needs and rights of their peers.

We provide a developmentally appropriate environment that allows every child to know the true joy of discovery through a broad spectrum of experiences.